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The Design Psychology Consultancy is led by Karen Douglas, an award winning coach who specialises in Flow Optimisation and Excellence ( Six Sigma Black Belt Certified) and early brief stage development in the architectural division. A published author of a home design journal ‘ Coming Home’ Karen is passionate that everyone has access to good design and understands the transformative power that positive flow, environmental psychology and design thinking brings to a workplace or education facility.

As a partner in DMG Architects, Karen has recently established a consultancy partnering with businesses and schools to put human needs core and central to spatial design. Her services focus on early stage exploration studies and spatial audits before the appointment of a design team and designing for Neurodiverstiy and Inclusion. Using a mix of design thinking principles, academic research and user experience she is also undertaking a Masters in Environmental Psychology at the University of Surrey which focuses on the relationship between the human mind and the built environment. Karen is also the holder of a Masters in Lean Enterprise Excellence from SETU.

Tools and Experience

Karen uses both Qualitative and Quantitative techniques to assess users’ needs and wants in organisations and educational environments which is then transformed into spatial plans and solutions. Her experience as an award winning careers and workplace coach have given her an insight into the human dynamics which in turn influence wellbeing in the workplace. Her expertise also extends to Flow optimisation, Business process development,Operational Excellence, The Inclusive Workplace and behavioural change.

Combining the team

Karen works with organisations, schools, architects, designers, occupational therapists and other professionals to produce evidence-based design strategy.

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