Designing for our Neurodiverse tribe​

Modern design has largely overlooked the needs of a growing population; our neurodiverse loved ones. Neurodiversity can be described as a variation in human brain functions relating to ORGANISATION AND PREDICTABILITY, sociability, learning, attention and mood. 

As spatial designers we believe that a home or workplace should be a reflection of the neurological diversity rather than a perceived difference.

We know that for this tribe, sensitivity to their surroundings is a critical factor in adapting to their space and feeling safe and protected, so we have created a range of services that offer families and individuals design solutions that create an inclusive space for all across orientation, acoustics, ventilation, colour, texture, enclosure and regulation. Good design improves the quality of life for everyone, promotes independence, play and ensures above all safety and security.

As a parent to a neurodiverse child, Karen is well read and knowledgeable and understands first-hand the challenges faced when the home does not meet the needs for a neurodiverse loved one. She holds a Masters in Operation Excellence and Continuous Improvement ( Organisation and Flow in the Workplace) and a Six Sigma Black Belt and has brought these tools into the home to ensure families design spaces that have optimum flow and meet the sensory needs for well-being. Most importantly, Karen observes and listens and works as part of a wider team to ensure every client design brief is individual to the families needs. Her aim is an inclusive space that allows a family to live, work, survive and thrive together.

Services include- storage upgrades and organisation in the home, room layouts, material choices, sensory needs.

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