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interior style quiz

The below information can be useful to guide you as part of your decision-making process at the early design stage.

Art Deco

Art Deco Interiors you may like: Reflective surfaces, plenty of mirrors, curved lines, Sunburst motif and intricate patterns, machine-age materials including aluminium, steel and metallics.

Architectural Detailing you may like: sleek, linear, often rectangular geometric forms, arranged and broken up by curved ornamental elements.

You may also like the following architects/ designers and spaces:

Eileen Grey (lacquer effect), Rene- Jules Ruhlemann, Eliel Saarinen, Georges LePape, Albert Anis.

The Hoover Building London, Chrysler Building NYC, Goodtime Hotel Miami, Eastern Columbia Building, LA.


Avant Garde Interiors you may like- It is unpredictable and original and very much the style and eye of the home owner. It is about self-expression, experimentation and being fearless when it comes to colour. Rooms will be multi-functional with modern materials and textiles.

Architectural Detailing you may like- This style is all about seeing art and life as intertwined and your space as a reflection of your inner mind. Being mindful of not overdoing the exterior ‘ look’ at the expense of the ‘ interior’ functionality was a major consideration of designer Eileen Grey.

If you favour this style you may like the following architects/ designers and spaces:

Daniel Libeskind, Frank Gehry, Frei Otto, Rem Koolhaas, Picasso, Dali, Gustave Courbet, Kazimir Malevich, Zaha Hadid.


Bauhaus Interiors you may like: Simplicity and Open-ness.

Architectural Detailing you may like: harmoniously balanced geometric shapes and an emphasis on function. Featuring open plans and lots of glass. Mid-century design was influenced by this art movement.

If you favour this style you may like the following architects/ designers and spaces:

Walter Gropius, Marcel Breuer, Mies Van Der Rohe.

Master Houses of Kandinsky and Klee, Gropius Hous.

The Barcelona Chair by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

If you disagree- then you may be more susceptible to the other three forms of noise and each are essential to explore as part of a design brief to ensure good acoustic design in your home.

Pop Art

Pop Art Interiors you will like: Spaces that are fun and unpredictable, expressive, contrasting and bright. Shapes and patterns tend to be repetitive. Pop art openly challenged the principles of “good design” and took the every-day object to a level of artwork that mixes the emotional with the practical. Neutral floors with geometric rugs or carpets.

Architectural Detailing you may like: Rounded and more quirky forms with a decluttered look; think less cabinets and more built in wardrobes, niches and floor -level changes that accentuate pieces of furniture.

If you favour this style you may like the following designers.

Andy Warhol, David Hockney, Keith Haring, Yayoi Kusama.

Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau Interiors you may like: This style is an invitation to bringing the outside -in and encourages stylised natural forms and wall coverings of flowers including roots and leaves. Dominant colours include mustard, sage green, mint olive and lilac. Sinuous, sculptural and organic shapes encourage a sensual tone and mood to a space.

Architectural Detailing you may like: Inspired by the natural world, arches, curving lines and decorative elements found on the inside and outside of buildings including intricate mosaic work, stained and curved glass, and decorative wrought iron.

If you favour this style you may like the following architects/ designers and spaces:

Gustav Klimt, Hector Guimard, Antoni Gaudi, Aubrey Beardsley, Louis Majorelle.

Casa Batlo Barcelona, Glasgow School of Art, Paris Metro.

Installation Art

Installation art-themed Interiors you may like: Spaces that are spontaneous and reflect the personality of the home owner. You will like exploring what the concept of ‘ home ‘ means along with identity and place.

Architectural Detailing you may like: You may like/ want to explore spatial order/ re-order in your home and seek to understand a different version of home that is not configured in the normal pattern of function and form. You enjoy movement in art and human interaction and enjoy up-grading your space with more of the physical objects rather than the building shape.

If you favour this style you may like the following architects/ designers and spaces:

Marcel Duchamp, Kurt Schwitters, Damien Hirst, Olafur Eliasson- Weather Project, Yayoi Kusama, Infinity Mirrored Room – The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away. Ghost House.

Impressionist Art

Impressionist-themed Interiors you will like: Bohemian, devoid of structure. It’s about bringing all of the things you have collected on your travels and incorporating into an eclectic personal style. It favours bright, patterned and colourful spaces that have no rules.

Architectural Detailing you may like: Vintage furniture, patterns and motifs, joinery detailing with soft, mood lighting. A strong emphasis on unearthing the home-owners individuality to bring the space to life.

If you favour this style you may like the following architects/ designers and spaces:

Monet, Renoir, Morisot, Degas, Cassatt, Gauguin and Pissarro, Métropole Rouen Normandie. Louis C. Jacob hotel, Hamburg. Savoy Hotel, London.

Abstract Art

Abstract themed Interiors you may like: Working the abstract energy of bright colour and bold shapes and bringing out your inner child and imagination. Spaces that are filled with lighter and brighter colours, colour contrasting furniture, the use of natural light and texture. A real sense of independence and individuality.

Architectural Detailing you may like: Original shapes and spaces and the true expression/ essence of the unique individual. It lends itself to an unpredictability with a reliance on overtly utilized ornamental design elements. Abstract art engages us on a contemplative level.

If you favour this style you may like the following architects/ designers and spaces:

Jackson Pollock, Conservatoire of Music, Dance and Dramatic Arts. Kandinsky, Jackson Pollock, Piet Mondrian, Kazimir Malevich, Mark Rothko, Agnes Martin, Joan Mitchell. Charles and Ray Eames – Case Study House No. 8, Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Bilbao.

Expressionist Interiors

Expressionist Interiors you may like: Brick, mortar and glass are used to create sculptural forms and spaces Quite often this style favours a more unusual or abstract form for structure. Maximalism.

Architectural Detailing you may like: artisan craft, individual style.
a high level of dissonance, extreme contrasts of dynamics, constantly changing textures, distorted’ melodies and harmonies, angular melodies with wide leaps, extremes of pitch, no cadences.

If you favour this style you may like the following architects/ designers and spaces:

Vincent van Gogh, The Starry Night, Edvard Munch, The Scream. Merello, Castle and Sun, Paul Klee. ( underwater restaurant), Vitra Design Museum ( Gehry).

Matthew Day Jackson, Dieter Roth

Classical Art

Classic inspired Interiors you may like: A symmetrical and harmonious arrangement to furniture, decadent window coverings with tones of light and neutral colour with floor lamps and indirect lighting.

Architectural Detailing you may like: Columns or half-columns, friezes, cornices, quality materials including oak, mahogany, cherry or beech, ceramic, bronze and marble.

If you favour this style you may like the following architects/ designers and spaces:

Claude-Nicolas Ledoux, Andrea Palladio, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo.